3 January 2017

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It was late and I wasn't hungry, so I just froze the juice. All handy for the next recipe!

First day back at work wasn't bad. I had to run a couple of errands afterward, though, which was a bit frustrating. Traffic was not kind. At least the distances weren't that great, so it still didn't take long.

Another front came in today. The day's high temperature was recorded slightly after midnight. It's not frigid, but it's chilly, and will be getting colder for several days. There's a slight chance of flurries on Friday evening.


This may be kind of weird to share, but here goes. I've had rats in my garage this fall.  And it's not just me; there have been issues in the area recently with rat infestations. I have first-hand knowledge of three others who've unexpectedly had rats in their homes, plus an ongoing issue at work.

- Myself and one of the three (a lady I met by the rat traps/poison in the store) both live in or on the edge of rural/undeveloped areas. However, this is the first time in 3 (her) and 5 (me) years we've dealt with this. I had mice in the attic last summer, but never rats. There's undeveloped land half a block away, which hides everything from coyotes on down, so that's saying something.

- The other two of the three are both coworkers, and they live in much longer-developed suburban areas.

- None of us live close to each other. We're scattered pretty widely across 20-30 miles of county.

I'm thinking either there's simply a real increase in the rat population this year, or it's going to be quite a cold winter.  The jury's still out on the winter; so far it's zigzagged wildly between balmy and Canadian. Usually it doesn't get serious about cold until January.

I'm fortunate, by the way, that I'm only dealing with them in the garage. I've had mouse-sized bait stations out since last summer. When I got back from Liendo before Thanksgiving, I noticed that one of the stations had moved. It's far too small to fit a rat, but apparently the rat still managed to wangle out enough poison to kill himself. I had to clean half the garage (the easy half, thankfully) before I found it, ugh. That's when I put out two rat-sized stations in different areas in the garage, and another one outside on the side of the house close to the garage door. I found another body (out in the open) after Christmas. Something's definitely been munching on the new traps. It's starting to smell again, too. This is annoying. (I don't want to clean the tough half!) At least rats are too big to die in the super-inaccessible places.

For what it's worth, Home Depot odor neutralizers work quite well.  A mouse died in the exterior wall of my closet last summer, and the neutralizer plus a box fan kept it liveable.


nuranar: Hortense Bonaparte. La reine Hortense sous une tonnelle à Aix-les-Bains (1813) by Antoine Jean Duclaux. (Default)

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