20 January 2017

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Should I bob my hair?

(Warning: Crazy long post ahead. Apparently I can write forever about myself.)

I'm pretty happy with my dressing style. It's almost all modern pieces, but done in my way so it's still a very retro look.

My hair is a different story. I've never really tried to be fashionable with it. It's currently as close as I've ever gotten to authentic 1930s/40s style. I have a "sugar eye" for that look, of course! But mostly I like how it softly frames my face and how the curls feel.

That said, it's veering close to costume territory.  That is not my goal! (It's good to know how to do it for costuming, but not necessary for daily wear.)  Being clueless about modern hair, I didn't know what else to do.

This week I had some (very kind and thoughtful) suggestions on YouLookFab to consider a modern type of bob, like these.


It was a very perceptive suggestion, I think. It takes my preferred silhouette but interprets it in a "thoroughly modern" way (Would you believe that was an accident?) to contrast with the clothing style.  I am very seriously considering it.

It's a big step for me, though.

Cut for exposition on my hair journey. Short story: I'm used to it very long, I like curls, I don't like blow drying, and I love pin curls. )

My hair won't have been this short since I was 1. Seriously.

I still think of myself as a long hair girl. It kind of defined me for so long. )

So that's one issue. A bob, even a long one, would be so short! When it's still touching my shoulders, I can imagine it's long... it will be so weird to have nothing in back. Kind of a scary thought.  I still get the heebie-jeebies every time I ask the stylist to take off some more... Will this be the one I regret?

The other issue is a bit more pragmatic. I'm not sure I can style it!  Especially since I have no intention of committing to the morning-wash-blowdry-curl regimen.  I'd rather get most of the curl from a wet set, and do a minimum of styling and touch-up in the morning

1. Wash as usual in the evening.
2. Set the back in pin curls, but larger ones for a looser curl, and rolling in different directions and angles to avoid any set waves. The front bang/fringe just slightly for some body.
3. In the morning, comb/brush out as necessary.
4. Use... some kind of product. Maybe dry shampoo? On the back to keep it chunkier.
5. Learn how to use a flat iron on the hair around the face. And with product.

Those of you who do this sort of thing, does that sound reasonable? Any suggestions, especially for product to use? [personal profile] jennylafleur? My biggest concern is making sure that I maintain volume around the cheekbones. I have a horror of Snoopy ears - droopy hair beside my face, emphasizing how long it is!  But I'm perfectly happy when there's volume. ;)

Here are some other pictures I like.


I think that some of these cuts can be styled either irregularly, or more smoothly/evenly. That would make 50s/60s hair a lot easier...



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