26 February 2017


26 February 2017 12:12 am
nuranar: (home improvement)
It's been an action-packed couple of days. Typically on my off Fridays I do my major grocery shopping, and once a month do my budget/pay bills. This weekend I've already had three additional events, so Friday and Saturday have looked like this:

Friday early AM, one grocery stop
Then back to the house and heavy labor to plant Marya
Late lunch with parents
Major grocery stop
Shower and dress for concert
Concert that ran 1 hour late, ended at 10:57 PM
Late to bed

Saturday AM woke up earlier than I'd set the alarm
Busy morning trying to not burn bacon, make an omelet, and clean my boots
Awesome Guild outing, with another late lunch
Yet another grocery stop

Back home to collapse on the sofa and doze for a while. I brought the groceries in from the car but didn't even put them away (non would spoil).

[I really am trying to pay more attention when my body says it's really tired. I have to be super careful with naps, because if I get to sleeping for real I will sleep for hours, and then be unable to sleep at night.  So I had a long-running Jack Benny Show DVD on, turned up fairly loud, and it kept me from really getting to sleep.]

I did manage to get up before 6, and I played a few games. Then I attacked the kitchen, which was extra messy on top of the groceries. And somehow I ended up cooking. It worked out well, because I felt a lot better by this time. And my big late lunch kept me from being hungry and needing to eat immediately.

So I now have a pound of good bacon, cooked crispy and broken up into bits for omelets and salads. YUM.  I also braised some fennel for the first time. That was quite a job; I had to use two pans for the three fennel bulbs. It got a little crowded with both of those and the bacon pan on the stove at the same time.

It all worked out, though! Everything's clean and put away. And then I finally managed to do the monthly budget. Never a favorite task, but not too bad this month.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. I badly need to re-organize the refrigerator; I have a lot more meat and dairy and vegetables than usual, so those shelves and bins are super crowded.  I also want to rearrange the kitchen itself.  What pans go in what cabinet and things like that. It's largely unchanged from when I moved in, so there's room for improvement now.


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