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Today I got a late start because I slept until almost 9. I had to fluff the feather bed, do laundry, clean the kitchen, load the dishwasher, make breakfast, get myself put together for the day, trim/toss the fresh flowers from a week ago, and THEN go get some groceries. It wasn't my big trip; an interim one, so at least didn't take too long. I was really tired, though. But had to keep going. Put groceries away, trim the new flowers, make lunch.  And the laundry is a day-long ordeal. Then I planted the rest of the flower seeds. I sure hope they come up! Cornflowers, sweet william, wallflowers, scabriosa, and pinks.

Then it was another couple of long hours in the kitchen. It really went pretty smoothly; I poached some cod in a creamy sauce with parsley. Very yummy. I just didn't have quite enough fish, darn it, so that's a bummer. I tried to double the recipe but didn't read carefully enough. I should have finished with six portions, not four.

And then it was on to wash and set my hair. Whew! Full day. It was quite warm today -  85 locally - and will be in the 80s or upper 70s for the next week. Possibility of severe weather Thursday night, so that season's starting.  Anyway, it was more than warm enough to keep the windows open all day (and had to keep them open after dark to help the house cool off). It'll be too warm to do that tomorrow.
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nuranar: Hortense Bonaparte. La reine Hortense sous une tonnelle à Aix-les-Bains (1813) by Antoine Jean Duclaux. (Default)

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