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*yawn* So sleepy! I got home last night and found that while the fan was going and air was coming out of the vents, it wasn't cool air. The downstairs was still at right what it should be (it was only 84 F yesterday), but the sewing room upstairs was 94.  So I called someone I know, got a recommendation for someone else fairly close to me, and set it up for him to come later in the evening. I opened some windows, cracked open the garage door, and turned on the ceiling fans, while I ate downstairs and got back to work on the sheer dress.  The main part of the house warmed up about 2 degrees, but the upstairs fell to 86 by the time the repair man arrived after 9.  He was a great guy; retired from my company just over 10 years ago, and super nice. I followed him around and held the flashlight, both inside and out. Eventually he replaced a wire outside and that did it! It was still almost 11 by the time we were done.  So it was a late night, and needless to say I did not wash and set my hair. ;)

In other news, I will be an aunt very shortly. :) My sister-in-law Sarah was due on Sunday, however... no Baby Bruno or Brunette* yet!

* Facetious name by Bro. No. 2 and Heather. Not sure how Bro. No. 1 and Sarah feel about that!

In Hello Dolly news, Monday night's rehearsal went really well.  We've worked on 4 songs, in 2 or 3 rehearsals, and they're sounding very good. Beginning to memorize, and definitely working on facial animation and expression. One of the assistant directors (white-haired professor lady - a sort of director emeritus - I'll call her D.E.) singled out two people who were doing it right - and I was the first one she pointed two. That makes me happy! It's all due to my mom. Early in my dancing "career", probably when I was about 10, she showed me how to make sure my hands were under control and, more importantly, that I was smiling big. I learned that lesson well, so when I got into choir as a senior, it was second nature to put on that smile and project "I'm having FUN!" in front of an audience.  It's both easier and harder to do it when singing than dancing, but I'm glad I'm doing it right!

On another note, me and the other highest-voice lady were successfully able to sustain the D flat note at the end of one of the songs. And then the musical director decided they weren't needed!  In the past that would have bothered me, because I love high notes and this particular director is notorious for arbitrarily leaving them off or minimizing them. But Dolly has plenty of other high notes just in these four songs, so I'm happy. And I know now that I CAN hit and hold a D flat in concert, which is most of the battle.

I don't think I mentioned that I'm getting my first crown on Friday. I've got fairly healthy teeth - yellow, but strong and healthy - but this is a big cavity in my first adult molar. I got it when I was little, and I think before my family had dental insurance. It has already been replaced once (with silver, so that was a long time ago as well), and now other parts of the tooth have started to chip away around it. So it's time. The plan is to head to Dallas after that and try to find fur for the court dress. That might be interesting. :p

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I missed a day! But I guess a day (mostly) full of happy things is a decent excuse for not posting.

Christmas Day

1. A quiet early morning. Traditional breakfast with sausage and English muffins, and then just sitting in the dim living room with all the Christmas lights on inside and outside.

2. Christmas at my grandmother's house with all the cousins (except Bro. No. 2) and two fiancees for bonus.

3. SNOW!!! The day started with rain, and shortly after lunch it turned to snow. It snowed heavily for most of the afternoon, including while we were opening presents. And then we went out in it for a little bit. It was amazing!

4. Starting a 1000-piece puzzle with my mother. It's a painting of lots of British warships at anchor. And it glows in the dark. :p  We watched Christmas episodes of old TV shows until our reception got lousy, and then switched to Dick Van Dyke.


1. Sleeping in a little bit.

2. Finishing my last Christmas present. WHEW!

3. Relaxing afternoon working the puzzle until Bro. No. 2 and Heather arrived from Houston. Yay!
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Merry Christmas, everyone!  Yesterday's happy things:

1. Yet more work on a Christmas present. The finished product... has its points. More to come. ;)

2. Wrapping all the presents. Hurrah for the big work table!  And for red and white ribbon that curls so prettily. (The less said about the green ribbon the better. !!!)

3. Yet more Dick Van Dyke. WALNUTS!

4. Christmas Eve at the parents' house, with Bro. No. 1 and wife. Steak for dinner, and Mexican Train afterward.

Not really "happy things" yet, but so far this morning I have:

(1) Woken up to a thunderstorm.

(2) Got out of bed 20 minutes later when informing there was HAIL.

(3) First thought was [SQUIRREL!] ahem, Camera! and then MY CAR!

(4) Took several pictures. The hail was tiny, about dried-pea size (and hence no threat to the car), but there was a nice amount. It made nice pictures with the Christmas yard lights.

(5) With my mother, shot at a squirrel in the pecan tree, trying to steal pecans. As my mother said, THEY don't know it's Christmas, the little thieves. (If you're new to my journal, we use Airsoft on squirrels.)  It's been a big pecan year. My mother has felt like she's been living the Dick Van Dyke "Walnuts" episode, except with pecans. Pecans on the kitchen table, under the piano, on the living room floor, in the spare bedroom...

(6) Interrupted myself while typing this post to shoot at TWO squirrels getting back in the tree. (Can you tell where the interruption was?) It's still raining steadily. I think I need to reload...
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I hope I can keep this up! I don't think I've missed a day yet. :) It's ironically much harder to remember actually during vacation. Note how late this entry is...

1. Last church choir special of the year. We did the "We Three Kings" number from the cantata. Fun song!

2. Adventures in present-making. I've got a whole photo montage I can share about that after Christmas...

3. Lots of Dick Van Dyke to go along with the adventures. Yes, it is the Dick Van Dyke show. :)  The biggest giggles of the day: discovery that Richie's middle name is "Rosebud." :p
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1. First vacation day! BOY did I need that.  I've worked some 10 hour days this week.

2. Sleeping in. :) I actually only slept until about 7:30, and then I was a little too awake to get to sleep quickly. So I read in bed for another couple of hours. It was really nice.

3. Talking to Heather on the phone.

4. Party at Bro. No. 1's house. I didn't play games, because I was sewing on a Christmas present, but it was fun to sit by the fire and watch. And several of the girls were utterly fascinated by the sewing. It was sweet.
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1. Talking to Bro. No. 2 on the phone. I don't talk to him enough!

2. Last choir concert of the season. Mrs. D. and I sung our song again. It's a duet in the madrigal style, called "'Neath the Spell of Peaceful Night."  My mother was at the concert and said it sounded really good. She said our voices blend very well, and it was a good style of song, too. :)

3.  Choir Christmas party at my parents' house. Pizza! And my gingerbread cake that wouldn't bake still tasted really yummy. Especially when it got hard sauce on it and sliced up so it wasn't visibly wonky.
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1. Toad in the Hole for lunch. I tried it once last winter, and that was when I figured out that I really don't like sausage. I love meat, but I think it's something about the spices in sausage (any kind of sausage) that just don't do it for me. I had an idea last week, though, to try it with the "Li'l Smokies" cocktail sausages. Because I like those, and they're not just massive pieces of sausage anyway. And guess what - no spices at all! Just smoke flavoring. So I tried again and YUM! So filling, and lots of yummy flavor. It'll be nice when I get my herb garden started and can use fresh parsley and thyme instead of dried.

2. The wind, all day and night. I blather on about it long enough that it's probably clear, but I really like it when there's a wind. It just feels more alive and invigorating. Even when it's a hot wind, that's better than stillness.

3. Finishing a Christmas present! It's so pretty. :D
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I feel so drained... it's been a busy week at work. I'm having a hard time thinking right now.

1. Getting a lot done at work. Sure beats a busy day that doesn't accomplish anything. That happens all too often.

2. An unexpected evening to myself. I watched Dick Van Dyke and continued to play with some embroidery. Flossing, this time. ;) Pictures after Christmas!

The weather is being interesting. It has gradually warmed up since last week's cold front (low 20s), so yesterday was 79 degrees. This morning started in the low 60s, with the pavement drenched from dew and a strong south wind.  It's still gusting, and 78 degrees.  The wind is supposed to continue for the next day and a half, although about midnight tonight it's supposed to change to the north.  It's forecast to be steady at 25-30 mph, gusting to 50 mph! Yikes!

Christmas week actually looks unusally cold.  Usually Christmas Day starts chilly (just under freezing), and with clear skies gets into the 50s or more.  This year it'll be a chance of rain and high only in the mid 40s.  Not only that, but the whole week following won't get above 60.  We're going to a college football bowl game on Saturday - that will be an event to bundle up for!
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1.  I got to sleep a little late. Yay!
2.  I got boots at Target. They're black booties, lined with faux fur, so they can be turned down to be cuffed, or turned up so just a wee bit of fur shows. They are nice and slim and just the perfect length on my long legs, too, hitting just below the calf. Yay!
3.  I had a couple of returns to make at Target. The amount I returned was just about equal to what the boots cost. So they're weren't really free, but I didn't spend any more than had already been spent for a couple of months. :D
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New default userpic!

The day has been CRAZY and I almost forgot to post.

1. Choir concert last night. It went well! I had a duet with another lady - "'Neath the Spell of Peaceful Night" - in the madrigal style. I'm told it sounded good. I was too uncertain to enjoy it! :p
2. I put together what turned out to be a super cute outfit. I wore: White snap-cowl collar sweater, light gray princess-seamed jumper dress, red patent belt, red tights, black and white glen plaid peep toe mary jane shoes, red brooch, and red beret. I got compliments all day! My newly-curled hair worked so well with the beret, too.
3. Signing and dating several documents at work 12/12/12. :D
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Work is a bit stressful this week. So much is going on! I'm glad for this meme, because then I think about the positive. And there's plenty of it.

Monday, 10 December

1. Cold weather! It finally feels like Christmas.  Cloudy and windy going in to work in the morning, wind chill in the low 20s.
2. #1 meant that I got to wear some of my super-warm clothes. Like the sweatshirt fleece dress I got from eShakti last year. I love it! Not only does it feel like I'm wearing a lightweight, cozy blanket, it's as cute as all get-out.
3. A quiet evening at home (after a quick rehearsal of a piece for upcoming choir concerts). I didn't cook, but I had a nice dinner, and ended up tricking myself into cleaning off the bar counter in my kitchen. It's been accumulating mail and whatnots since May. It feels so good to have it clean again.
4. A final hour doing a little sewing. And then to bath and bed!
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1.  Cold front! The day started at 63 or something silly like that, but by noon the wind had changed and the temperature fell slowly but steadily.  It's so much more festive when the weather is chilly!
2.  I had a friend over for the afternoon, so I was able to do some little housekeeping things before she arrived, with the Cowboys game on.  Football is such a relaxing thing to have on.
3.  Having my friend over!  We talked a lot, especially about food, and made a few things, and I sewed while she looked at catalogs and watched some Remington Steele.  We had some of my potato/leek soup for lunch, with English muffins because I ran out of edible rolls. And then I made the gingerbread cake, and then I fried a little of the canned corned beef hash I keep on hand, so we had that for a snack. She liked it, too!
4.  Christmas party with our adult Sunday School class.  Amazing yummy food (I ate WAY too much), and great fun and laughing and conversation.
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Friday, 07 December

1. Day off work! I heartily appreciate my 9/80 schedule.
2. Seeing friends at the grocery store.
3. Being able to "putter" on the computer (a little research, a little shopping, a little writing) and still having plenty of time left to do other things.
4. Finding real cold weather (down to the low 20s, snow possible!) in the forecast for the near future. December in Texas: 80 degrees one week, 20 degrees the next.
5. Seeing a friend star in a Christmas ballet.
6. Discovering that two other friends were in the same show, one of them also starring.

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Ugh, I fall behind when I don't sit in front of the computer!

December 8

1. Last day of a short work week.
2. Making up a cute outfit that fit within the concert rehearsal dress parameters (choir polo and a khaki-colored skirt). Solution: bright red tights, red long-sleeve tee, snowflake-printed red socks, and brown riding boots.

December 9

1. Brunch with a friend at a *very* good local diner.  Cream cheese and bacon omelet! Hash browns! Homemade raisin bread!
2. Lots of errand-running and shopping, including getting a good start on Christmas shopping.
3. Running into my parents at their (and my former) local Kohl's. :D
4. A successful Christmas concert.


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